How Do You Plant Seed Paper?

botanical paper plantable paper seed paper

Seed Paper, also known as plantable paper or botanical paper is a type of paper made with embedded seeds.  If you want to learn more about this type of paper, please see our blog post here.

To plant seed paper, you must follow these instructions:

1. Cut or tear the paper into small pieces.

2. Cover with an inch of soil.  You can plant either directly in your garden or a plant pot.  Some seed paper requires soaking in water overnight to hydrate and help induce germination.

3.Water the soil everyday or enough to keep the soil visibly hydrated.

4.  Depending on the seed type and weather conditions, the plants will begin to grow within a few days or weeks.  Some plants may not flower for a few months depending on when they are planted.  For example, some flowers can be planted in the fall, but may not flower until spring.

Please note that while this is a generic method of growing your seed paper, you should always follow recommended plant care for the types of seed that you have.  Some seed paper contains wildflower seeds while some may contain herb seeds.  Since different plants require different conditions to grow and flourish, you must ensure that you are providing the proper care for each individual plant type.

To learn more about plant care for different types of plants visit

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