What is Seed Paper?

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Seed Paper is a type of handmade paper with seeds embedded for planting.  It is also called plantable paper or botanical paper.  The seeds in seed paper can be a mix of flowers or herbs.  Seed paper is is typically made from post-consumer recycled material such as wood, recycled paper or even cotton rags.

The beauty of seed paper is that it is not just eco-friendly and earth friendly but it is very sustainable.  Once you are done with the paper, all you have to do is plant it in soil, water it and watch it grow!  Seed paper can also be classified as a zero-waste product.

Seed paper is not a new phenomenon.  Companies have been manufacturing seed paper since the early 90's but with the recent wave of eco-friendly awareness and need for environmentally friendly alternatives, seed paper popularity has soared.  Seed paper is used for writing, arts and crafts and packaging.

Seed Paper Supply is the first online retailer to offer seed paper packaging exclusively.  Our packaging caters to retailers looking for eco-friendly retail and packaging options.  Our packaging can be used for cosmetic and beauty packaging, gift packaging, wedding favors, party favors or for personal use. There's never been a better time to elevate your brand style to being eco-friendly and seed paper packaging is the best way to cement your brand as one that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Grow your brand with us!

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